Here at Assured Property Management we believe it’s vital that we are open and transparent with each other at all times. In that spirit, we believe it is important to know about us as people and our relevant experiences as much as possible. Therefore we have a brief snapshot of us (the directors) for your convenience. After all, it’s vital you know about anyone (as a company/people) you are considering a partnership with.


Noely Mendes Caixeiro

A very well traveled and highly educated individual (Law and MBA), fluent in languages (English, Portuguese, and Spanish). Several years experience in the legal and commercial world throughout Australia, Brazil, Cayman Islands and United Kingdom (to name but a few places) working for some major multinational corporations. A property investor herself, with over seven years experience running a London HMO Portfolio ensuring lots of “hand-on” experience and a unique understanding of a Landlord/Investor’s (You!!) point of view and professional expertise to ensure a maximized, hassle-free return on your Property Investment.

Mark Bracken-Loughnane

A proud London resident for over 15 years with a professional background in Sales & Marketing, Security & Risk Assessment Industry and Licensed Retail sectors. Also with extensive experience in the Commercial Property Sector. A firm and committed believer to listening to and finding solutions (however creative!) to a clients need with a firm eye on maximum returns for all clients (after all, if you do not make a profit, we cannot!). A property investor himself with a portfolio in his native Ireland which (again) gives a full understanding of any Landlord’s needs, wants and desires and how best to make that a reality!

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